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Truke x The Hype


Truke recently launched their three new products and they want
is to increase the reach of their products among the customers
so that more people can aware about their new launch product.

We at The Hype selected leading macro and micro influencers
who can spread the word of their products. Collaborated with
50+ influencers from all walks of life spanning across the
country including fashion influencers, lifestyle, fitness.

Since Instagram is the most popular social media platform
currently. The audience was receptive on the spot & expressed
their will to try out the products and further encourage their
peers to do the same! The beauty within the photographs & the
caption were the highlight for the promotions!


  • 52 Influencers collaborated

  • 398K+ Impressions

  • 8.1% Engagement Rate

Campaign Deliverables:

Static + Story OR Reel + Story

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