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Saffola Stores x The Hype


Saffola is a health care brand that brings to you a range of
everyday Heart-Healthy Foods and Services that are easy
effective and enjoyable so that they easily integrate into your
lifestyle. Saffola came as an edible oil brand but now Saffola
stores has multiple ranges of products from Oats, Noodles virgin
oils to beauty and hygiene and now also have immunity boosters
and protein shakes in their stores. With the vision of creating
awareness and inspiring people towards a healthy lifestyle, they
launched special offers on their Saffola Stores Website.

Keeping the Brand's vision as our priority We at The Hype with
our creative team worked on each point which the brand wanted
us to focus on. As we know social media has the power to grow
businesses fast and nowadays Instagram is the best platform
for marketing and promoting any brand. So with the help of
Instagram and influencers, we reached as many people as we
can and with effective captions and photographs engaged more
and more audiences about the brand and its newly launched


  • 30 Influencers collaborated

  • 305K+ Impressions

  • 5.71% Engagement Rate

Campaign Deliverables:

Static + Story

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