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PUMA x The Hype

#PropahLady, International Women’s Day Campaign with Puma


Recently PUMA INDIA came up with this beautiful campaign on women’s day i.e. #PropahLady and it was a week-long campaign about celebrating women and women-hood. Executing the best is our domain and the satisfaction of the brand is our priority.


Trust us it was not as easy as it seems to be! Delivering what the brand wants takes a lot of pondering, amending, reworking, and most importantly patience. and what matter in end are the results. The results were really Prolific. We, with our team, give our vigorous or determined attempt just to make sure the campaign goes perfectly well as we wanted it to be.


  • 13 Influencers collaborated

  • 1.2M+ Reach

  • 4.63% Engagement Rate

Campaign Deliverables:

Reel + Stories

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