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Nayo Clothing x The Hype


The vision of Nayo Clothing is to look beyond the current trends and to make an outfit that will both appeal and strike wonder in those gazing upon its creations. They are an innovative thinker and comes up with fresh designs and new concepts. The major inspiration behind the label remains to be creative thinking and designing rather than following. But now what they want is to increase the reach of their products among the customers so that more people can aware of their products.



We at The Hype planned an activity to gather influencers who can spread the word about their products. Since Instagram is the most popular social media platform currently. The audience was receptive on the spot & expressed their will to try out the products and further encourage their peers to do the same! The beauty within the photographs & the caption were the highlight for the promotions!


  • 25 Influencers collaborated

  • 183K+ Impressions

  • 9.3% Engagement Rate

Campaign Deliverables:

Static + Story OR Reel + Story

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