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Imagicaa x The Hype


Everyone in India especially Maharashtra knows about the biggest adventure park in Maharashtra i.e., IMAGICAA. People from Mumbai, Pune, and nearby areas love to visit the park and enjoy a fun holiday with their friends and family.



Our major objective in this Campaign was to make the audience aware of the fun and enjoyment in this beautiful park and spread the word about how they can also spend some quality time with their friends and families.


The activity was performed with influencers of different verticals like travel, lifestyle, and mom bloggers who are experts in their niche, and also have an audience who can generate awareness about the park and its facilities, enhancing the visibility of IMAGICAA over the platform and delivering the best content to user to engage with the campaign. We, with our team, give our vigorous or determined attempt just to make sure the campaign go perfectly well as we wanted it to be.


  • 20 Influencers collaborated

  • 1.3M+ Impressions

  • 6.73% Engagement Rate

Campaign Deliverables:

Reel + Story

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